Why is neoprene a great choose for industrial fabric

neoprene coated fabrics

Neoprene coated fabrics have high abrasion resistance and offer good resistance to oils, greases and vapours. These fabrics have good resistance to oxidation, weathering and flexing. Offering excellent durability and reasonable weather resistance they are ideal for many industrial applications. Their excellent resistance to things such as water, vapours, abrasions and high temperatures means the uses are vast.

One major benefit of Neoprene coated fabrics are their excellent protection from welding/grinding sparks and light welding spatter.

In addition to welding protection Neoprene can also be used as a smoke barrier or curtain. This is because the coating acts as a sealant over the glass fibre fabric base. This raises its non-permeability against the passage of smoke through it. The medium weight fabric (Product reference: DHO/651) has passed an indicative test to BS 476 part 20 wherein a 1 hour integrity rating was achieved. Temperature Rating for finished fabrics are from -30ºC to +100ºC if you ad a Glass Fibre Fabric Base this can increase to Up to +550ºC.

Neoprene coated glass fibre fabrics are available in roll form or if you choose IC International they can also cut and stitch the fabric into specific sized bespoke products. This includes welding curtains and welding blankets.

IC International are U.K. manufacturers who are certified (and independently audited) to the globally recognised international quality management standard ISO 9001.

For more information please visit the IC International website.

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