Considerations for Fencing car parks

car park fencing

Fencing gives a definitive perimeter around parking facilities and can offer an additional level of security. Often simply stopping pedestrians using the car park as a through way is enough to prevent damage to vehicles. In addition the fencing lockable gates can offer an enhanced level of security. This is particularly prevalent for small business car parks where employees vehicles sit dormant all day.

The Fencing Superstore is an online store which sells the highest quality metal fencing directly to you. Their fencing is available in a variety of heights. If the purpose of your car park fencing is just to control vehicle access and give a distinctive border, our 1.0m high Flat Top or Bow Top fencing will be ideal.

In addition to protecting the vehicles on site preventing shortcuts by pedestrians also minimizes the risks of them coming into contact with moving vehicles. Car parks in particular can incur higher risks due to reversing vehicles with minimal visibility. You will have a responsibility as a business owner to ensure you minimize the risk to passers by. Creating a boundary is a great deterrent and shows you are proactive and trying to manage this risk.

All fencing on this online shop are available in a variety of RAL colours to suit your needs. You can choose from a galvanised finish or additional powder coating.

For more information please visit the Fencing Superstore website.

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