More than just Health and Safety


In Business there are so many considerations to make, that it can be exhausting keeping on top of everything. Many people often consider the Health and Safety requirements of a business to uphold the Health and Safety at work act but what about all of the other requirements of a business?

Quality Assurance for example, is extremely important and if overlooked could have a significant affect on the longevity and reputation of a business. Quality assurance refers to maintenance of a required level of quality in a service or product. Businesses need to exercise extensive precaution and attention to detail through the product or delivery process.

Another factor for businesses to consider is environmental management. There is an increasing demand on businesses to manufacture products and provide services in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Training on Hazardous Waste Control, Spill Control and Environmental Awareness can facilitate a good environmental management plan.

A business would of course not be able to survive without the people that work within it. This is why the importance of Human Resources should not be overlooked. Managing relationships between employees, unions and other stakeholders is key to having a happy, motivated workforce. HR Teams often need support with dealing with discrimination, equal opportunities and employee performance issues. Over and above this the everyday payroll, recruitment and employee records also need to be effectively managed.

If the worst were to happen do you know how your business would survive? Business Continuity Management Planning, also known as ‘Disaster Recovery’,  is essential for the long-term well-being of a business. A key part of the plan is how the business is able to recover to an operational state in case of serious incidents.

Rather than being a sole health and safety provider, ISA Business Development & Support Service are a team of specialists, each with training in specific areas which provides you with a complete business support solution. ISA offer support for all of the areas that we have mentioned above and can also offer training either physical or online.

For more information about how ISA Business Development & Support Services could help you please visit their website.

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