The re-birth of warm air heating systems

In the 1970s and 1980s warm air heating was extremely popular, more recently by contrast, water-filled radiators systems have become increasingly more popular…

warm air heating

We’re installation specialists of Johnson & Starley Warm Air Heating systems

An unanticipated proportion of people have started to convert back to warm air systems because of their on-going advantages compared to conventional water based heating systems. As approved installers and service agents for Jonson & Starley, Centra Heat is Europe’s leading specialist of warm air systems. Due to its well-designed, low noise levels and quickness to warm the house, most people who live with a warm air-heating unit, love it.

Advantages of warm air heating systems include:

  • 95% of airborne particles are removed through the filters
  • Cleans the air on average 6 times an hour.
  • 98% more effective than prior warm air systems.
  • Compared to conventional natural gas systems, its saves an average of 18% on running costs.

For some more information on Centra Heat’s Warm Air Heating systems visit the dedicated page on their website today.

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