AVS are stepping up with supreme Van Steps

AVS Steps are world renown for their specialist vehicle steps including a growing collection of van steps. It’s not only tradesman who are finding them a life saver after a difficult day on the job but the term van steps incorporates a wide amount of domestic applications too!

Van Steps

AVS make a wide selection of electric and manual van steps.

AVS Steps is achieving superior status for unparalleled design, manufacturing and testing of steps, making them the #1 choice for passenger vehicles. Karen Clarke started the company in 1993 to meet the growing demands for more vehicle safety equipment but they’ve since rapidly grown into the largest supplier of passenger steps in Europe.

AVS have based its products on a cassette design using electric or foot operation to power the steps. However a growing need for improved ground clearance on smaller vehicles has led to the development of a range of cantilever steps and very slim cassette steps. A wide range of van steps have been produced for varying applications and requirements but AVS also recognised early that different customers use their van multi purpose. This argues that a multi purpose step or possibly multiple steps may be needed to meet the entire needs of their clients.

Take care in knowing that whatever Van steps you choose AVS looks after its products cradle to grave. Any problems you experience they are more than happy to service or replace your step for you. Don’t keep looking around for Van Steps because AVS can and will supply the only ones you’ll ever need.

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