Screeducts Heavy Duty Trunking Range

heavy duty trunking

Screeduct have a heavy duty trunking range that is completely bespoke. The range can be manufactured in any width and depth in a variety of materials. Keep reading to find out about the diverse material range they offer.

Pre-Galvanized Steel Trunking

Manufactured in up to 3mm thickness, the steel is galvanized in sheet form and then cut to the desired shape. Screeduct have years of experience working with steel, and so can produce the best results. Pre-Galvanized steel trunking is typically better looking than alternatives, making it ideal for areas where the trunking is on show. Known for it’s strength, pre-galvanized steel trunking is perfect for high footfall areas.

 Mild Steel Ducting

Screeducts mild steel ducting is available in thicknesses of 3mm to 12mm, meaning it can suit a variety of needs. Screeduct commonly use this for really bespoke trunking, as milk steel is significantly easier to cut, shape and weld. Removable flush floor covers provide access to the ducting, making mild steel ideal for a variety of applications.

Mild Steel Chequer Plate Ducting

Also known as ‘durbar’ plate ducting, this ducting is made from steel with a raised pattern, manufactured in thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm. The raised pattern gives added strength, making it ideal for industrial environments. It also helps prevent corrosion on the steel, so it is perfect for areas subject to tougher than usual conditions.

Stainless Steel Ducting

Screeduct offer stainless steel ducting manufactured from either flat or chequer plate steel of various thicknesses. Stainless steel is know for its corrosion resistant properties, so is ideal in tough industrial areas.

Aluminium Ducting

Aluminium is extremely light weight, yet very strong. This makes it perfect for a variety of trunking needs. Screeduct have patented flange fittings, giving this already strong metal added robustness and reduced movement.

Plywood Ducting Covers

If you require service access to your trunking or ducting, plywood ducting covers from Screeduct are exactly what you need. They are available in thicknesses of 15, 18 or 25mm.


For more information about Screeducts heavy duty trunking range, please visit their website.

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