Pipe Lifting Equipment and Pipe Lifting Slings

pipe purging equipment

Offering a variety of pipe lifting equipment, suitable for a variety of applications PCES provide lowering in belts, pipe lifting tongs and pipe hooks. They also offer lined steel choker belts that are heavy duty and designed to align the pipe exactly for fitting as well as Wrap around roller cradles and pipe lifting slings.

It is essential to chose the correct pipe lifting equipment, doing this means jobs can get finished as efficiently, yet as safely, as possible. Their equipment is available in a variety of sizes meaning that they’ve got the solution for a range of pipe diameters. Their 100% polyester lifting sling is lightweight and is ideal for more fragile loads this means it’s less likely to scratch or damage the pipe. They have excellent elongation properties versus their nylon counterparts and resist mildew and bacterial growth. For use in choker, vertical and basket hitches.

Roundslings are made of high tenacity polyester fibres and are extremely versatile including a protected durable polyester cover. PCES’s round slings have a very low weight to length ratio versus more traditional chain and wire options and are able to better mould to irregular loads.

PCES are dedicated to making sure you are able to meet all of your project requirements, so talk to them about finding everything you need to complete the job, keeping their customers happy, they provide an outstanding service every time. Pipeline Construction and Engineering Supplies always deliver. Worldwide shipping is available on all products meaning equipment can arrive at your site without a hitch.

PCES are certain to have the solution for you so take a look at their product range if you need pipe lifting equipment such as pipe hooks and pipe lifting slings. You will always get the best from PCES.

For more information on pipe lifting slings and pipe lifting equipment, please visit the PCES website. 

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