Oxyturbo Gas Welding Kits

Submerged Arc Welding

Gas welding is the process of joining metals using the heat transmitted from the flames. It is one of the most useful forms of welding with applications such as fabrication of sheet metal, the automotive and aircraft industry and repair works.

Oxyturbo has been a manufacturer of welding and brazing equipment for over 30 years. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative equipment for welders. Oxyturbo have a range of gas welding kits which are portable systems with compact and highly effective equipment.

Oxyturbo turbo set 300pro

This portable welding and brazing system comes with disposable gas cylinders in a Stanley contractor tool box. This 300pro turbo set gives great flexibility for welding, brazing and all heating applications. With a selection of 5 different, this Oxyturbo welding kit is ideal for air conditioning, plumbing, refrigerating system repairs and much more.

Oxyturbo turbo set 200

This particular welding kit is a light weight system in a compact metal carrier complete with disposable cylinders. The Oxyturbo turbo set 200 is the most professional among the welding kits and has greater flexibility for welding applications. The product safety is guaranteed by four flashback arrestors with double protection: two on the pressure reducers and two integrated in the handgrip.

Oxyturbo turbo set 110

Similar to the Oxyturbo turbo set 200, this kit is a light weight welding system in a metal carrier. This welding and brazing kit is ideal for applications including plumbing, refrigeration system repairs and air conditioning – as well as heating applications.

The Welding Superstore holds extensive stocks of all three kits plus the Oxyturbo Disposable Oxygen, Disposable Turbo Gas and Disposable Map Gas Cylinders. Oxyturbo kits are manufactured in Italy by an internationally recognised family owned company who have 30 years’ experience manufacturing gas equipment. Find out more here: https://weldingsuperstore.co.uk/brand-oxyturbo.html

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