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Exposure to welding fumes can cause serious health problems in the long-term. To help keep workers protected, a fume extractor is a system utilising a fan to extract the toxic fumes and clean the surrounding environment.

Fume extractors help prevent the buildup of harmful chemicals within a workplace. The filtration systems working together with the fan helps to provide quality air and allow the process to recirculate. Welding fumes can increase the risk of lung related illnesses such as asthma, metal fume fever, pneumonia and even cancer.

Having correct extraction systems installed is not only important to meet workplace standards and regulations, but also to ensure the safety and health of your operators.

Filtercarts are a mobile and robust unit for welding and extraction applications. They essentially filter the contaminated air ad recirculate the clean air into the working space. Not only this, but they also save money on worker health costs. Fume extraction systems are the most effective way to eliminate welding fumes from entering the operators breathing zone.

The Nederman Filtercart is suitable for light to medium welding and extraction applications. It comes with a spark arrestor which helps fire prevention and a 3m extraction arm made of PVC hose and aluminium frame. This mobile unit has a filter area of 35m2 and a filter efficiency of 99%. The Filtercart is also equipped with a LED spotlight to help improve the quality of the weld.

WIRS have a wide range of products and solutions for welding. They stock the Nederman Filtercart and other Nederman Fume Extraction Systems, which can significantly improve working conditions. The Nederman extraction systems are purpose-built for installation in the widest range of workshops.

WIRS has one of the most comprehensive ranges of welding supplies and associated welding machinery in the industry. Find out more about the Nederman Filtercart here: https://wirs.co.uk/welding-supplies/nederman-fume-extraction

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