Handrails for all Sectors


Choosing a handrail may be at the bottom of your list when it comes to a new building project or regeneration, but it needn’t be. There is a handrail for every environment and every style that you can think of, meaning that the handrail you chose can finish off the room or stair well perfectly.

SG System Products are a well established handrails and balustrade company based in Suffolk and have a wealth of experience that they can apply to any sector.

If your next project is in the education sector, there are many handrail options to consider that will enhance the space but will also provide the crucial safety element that you need. There are single and double handrails that can be supplied with many different infill panel options, helping you cater to a variety of ages but also allowing you to find a style that works for the space.

For commercial sectors, style, cost and low maintenance are important. Stainless steel and glass handrails are the ideal design combination, creating a minimal look that many desire. This style can be utlised both indoors and out, creating a sophisticated feel to the space.

Public spaces often need a balustrade system that is going to withstand the high volume of traffic, and there are several options to consider. The Stargard handrail is the original “warm-to-touch” handrail from SG System Products and is ideal for areas that are outdoors, such as ramps and stairs.

 For many more types and styles of handrail and balustrade, take a look at SG System Products product portfolio and how they can provide you with the perfect solution for your project.

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