Bespoke Trunking – The Ideal Solution

bespoke trunking

With many trunking and ducting systems, specifiers are limited to options within manufacturers specifications. Since no project is the same, why should the trunking be the same? Screeduct know that a custom project, requires custom solutions. This is why they offer a flexible approach to trunking. They will tailor bespoke trunking services to meet your criteria and requirements.

Removable flush-fitting modular covers provide service access to the trunking, meaning that repairs and maintenance to anything within the trunking should not be an issue. You can achieve the desired configuration of the ducting thanks to the variety of accessory components that Screeduct offers, such as dividers and clips that allow the floor trunking to be internally partitioned.

Screeducts tough and long-lasting trunking solutions are unique, as they include patented flange fittings. These negate the need for mechanical fixings within the screed, and ensure strength is maintained whilst movement is eliminated. This strength makes their steel trunking ideal for areas subject to heavy footfall. Ideal applications for Screeducts trunking include electrical cable, pipework and service ducting. The management of electrical cables and pipework is essential to ensure it remains tidy for ease of repair and maintenance, should it be required. It is also important to protect pipes with a trunking to prevent damage, as a damaged pipe can cause damage to floors and ceilings, costing significant time and money.

For more information about bespoke trunking and ducting systems from Screeduct, please visit their website.

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