Computer Health and Safety for employees


After working at a computer screen for a long period of time, it is more than likely that you have started rubbing your eyes, straining your neck or moving around to try and find a comfortable position, even if you realise your not doing it. If you work with Display Screen Equipment on a daily basis without sufficient computer health and safety, you could cause yourself a long-term injury called Repetitive strain injury.

The HSE state that as an employer, you must protect your workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment (DSE). The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 apply to workers who use DSE daily, for an hour or more at a time.

There are various things which the HSE State that an employer must do these include:

  • Doing a DSE workstation assessment
  • Reduce risks, including making sure workers take breaks from DSE work or do something different
  • Provide an eye test if a worker asks for one
  • Provide training and information for workers

By carrying out some effective training, you could prevent yourself from becoming seriously injured. ISA Business Development and Support offer an online ‘Computer Health and Safety in ICT’ course which specifically relates to individuals who work on a DSE device for over two hours each day.

The online course has been created meeting the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 in order to provide you with the fundamental knowledge for keeping individuals in the workplace safe from any injuries occurring.

For more information or to purchase the course please visit the ISA Support and Development website

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