Why choose Bow Top Fencing

bow top fencing

Bow top fencing is known for its distinctive rounded safety top. It is a traditional design which can turn a perimeter fence into an attractive feature. Sometimes referred to as Hoop fencing, this is a popular choice for open public areas and is commonly used around residential areas, gardens and childrens play areas.

Reasons for choosing this fencing

One of the main reasons to choose Bow Top Fencing is its economical and durable qualities and its pleasing appearance. Bow top fencing is built to last and can be complemented with a range of finishes and additional extras. Designed for quick installation, bow top fencing is a great solution to low security risk perimeter marking.

Some good examples of uses for Bow Top fencing include:

  • Providing a secure barrier for boundary applications
  • Preventing dogs from fouling play areas
  • Stopping children running into danger
  • Minimising footfall on gardens
  • Adding a decorative finish to gardens

Bow top railing specifications:

Fencing Superstore supply Bow Top fencing which you can buy direct online. There are different bar sizes, widths, and heights available. This means that the desired look can always be achieved. Our Bow Top railings are designed and supplied with an attractive galvanized finish. For further customization, our Bow Top railings are available in a variety of colours. This is achievable by adding a powder coating to the galvanized railings. Colours vary from more traditional colours such as black, to bright and bold colours such as yellow.

For more information please visit their website here.

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