The risk of chemical spills

spill control

spill control

If your company works around any form of liquid, whether this be a fuel or the hazard chemicals then spill Control Training should be considered a necessity, to support good environmental and health and safety management within the company.

When a substance is spilled it poses a threat to both the health and safety of all those in the near by area, but it also poses a threat to the environment by seeping into surface waters. This cannot only cause serious damage to local wildlife, but if the spill is not treated it is illegal and local authorities can prosecute you. Resulting in a large fine and in server cases imprisonment.

Alongside this spills can increase the potential risk of other onsite activities, whether this be creating a slippery surface or the more dangerous risk of fire from untreated spills of oil, petrol or other solvents. In any event the spill must be cleaned up and treated, this poses another risk to the person managing the spill. If the chemical is handled in the wrong way it has the risk of causing serious personal harm and can leave the company liable to claims against the business.

All spills must be managed in the correct manor, and each chemical has different proprieties, which must be taken into account when cleaning up a spillage. It requires an in-depth knowledge to be able to deal with accidents of this nature and the only way to gain this is through training. ISA Support can provide this training to ensure your company can correctly controls spills to keep your employees and their surroundings safe.

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