Sighting useful LED Street Lighting all over the UK!

Eco StreetLine combines the pioneering characteristics of LED street lighting technology, along with a timeless design and modular concept.

The lighting has proven to supply better than average service life, requires little maintenance that rarely need to be replaced, (which decreases the operating costs) and it also decreases the number of CO2 emissions. This creates a light solution that helps the environment, companies and communities.

We have been setting trends with our innovative light pioneer, which has established us into a renowned light manufacturer.

LED Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting from Hella in Nordnorm, Germany.

Our LED range is a modular design that can be used for business, transport and industry. Also, LED technology contributes a variable light system that meets global economics and ecological challenges while providing sustainable efficiency.

For more information on our LED Street Lighting or any of our other products please call 01952 293333 or visit our website.

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