What are Self Closing Gates?

self closing gates

Self Closing Gates are usually used in playgrounds to ensure that the gate is in the closed position yet should not close quicker than 5 seconds to ensure easier access for wheelchair users. Gates of this fashion provide extra security for play areas, helping to prevent dogs from entering and children from exiting quickly.

Types of self closing gates:


Hydraulic gates from Fencing Superstore offer a highly technical engineered solution for the controlled opening and closing of gates. A combination of hydraulics and bearings technology allows this gate to achieve its safe use. Designed to comply with the entrapments of BS EN 1176, and manufactured to ROSPA guidance and inspection for playground gates.

Spring Assisted

Fencing Superstore offer a spring assisted self-closing gate which has been designed to comply with entrapments of BS EN 1176. They also meet ROSPA guidance relating to gates for playgrounds. These self closing gates are manufactured with quality control procedures to BS EN 9001 and EN 1090 – factory production control procedures. Requiring minimal maintenance other than regular lubrication, the spring can be easily replaced if this is ever required.

To find out more about self closing gates please visit the Fencing Superstore website.


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