Reducing the number of drivers who exceed the speed limit

speed activated sign

speed activated signSpeed activated signs are intended to help drivers by alerting them of the current speed restrictions. These signs are activated if an approaching vehicle is detected to be exceeding a preset speed threshold. The speed limit will illuminate on the sign to remind the driver to slow down.

In a study[ conducted by TRL for the UK Department for Transport it was found that vehicle activated signs appear to be very effective in reducing speeds. In particular, they have the ability to reduce the number of drivers who exceed the speed limit and who contribute disproportionately to the accident risk, without the need for enforcement such as safety cameras.

If you are interested in installing a speed activated sign then Simmonsigns have a fantastic option. The Speed Watch is a carefully packaged speed activated warning sign system. It is discrete when not activated but very effective when illuminated. When approached by speeding drivers, interactive sign systems provide a prominent reminder of the relevant speed limit.

The Speed Watch has a high intensity illuminated LED display. It also features low power consumption of just 2 watts on standby and is fitted with a long life LED light engine.

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