How to Protect Your Fire Extinguishers

Ensuring your fire extinguishers are damage free and ready to use in an emergency is crucial. However, this can be tricky when there are so many factors which could damage them. These things include rain, dust, tampering, theft or even an innocent knock. The solution to this is a fire extinguisher cover, making sure that your building is safely equipped in the event of a fire.

Rain and dust create a damaged fire extinguisher. By using a cover, it will avoid both of these things getting to your equipment. The cover will eliminate the corrosion of the metal which is caused by the rain. By adding a cover, it also decreases the chances of theft or tampering, making it more noticeable for someone to get to the extinguisher. However, a cover will not make the equipment harder to access or reach. Covers are designed to be removed easily in the event of a fire. If a cover is difficult to take off, it could increase the time a fire has to spread and in turn, make the fire more damaging. In the case of an emergency, the extinguishers should be ready to use.

A fire extinguisher cover should have a built-in clear panel. This clear panel makes it incredibly easy to identify the extinguisher, preventing loss of time during a fire. All covers should be made from a UV material. This is because it reduces colour fading in extreme conditions. These conditions may be smoke during a fire, therefore high-visibility is extremely necessary.

You can also increase your safety features with a hose reel cover. A hose reel cover essentially does the same job as a fire extinguisher cover. Being made from water repellent and wipe-clean material, it makes these covers a great solution to hiding equipment in buildings. As well as disguising fire equipment when not needed, they are also a great safety feature to have if a fire was to happen, creating a highly visible solution for people to reach.

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