The leading Radiation Protection Specialist

Raybloc (X-ray Protection) Ltd. are providers and installers of high quality radiation protection products.

Our purpose built radiation protection products are produced by our very own craftsmen who have over 30 year experience within the industry. Therefore, you can be safe in the mind that we understand your wants and needs when it comes to all essentials of protection.

Radiation Protection

Raybloc make some of the UK’s finest radiation protection products.

Our Service

We pride ourselves on providing a professional approach to supplying radiation products to the uppermost quality available. Our products are designed to tailor to the needs of our customers and RPA requirements with a cost efficient, valuable explanation of providing a radiation shield in a variety of methods to protect patients and staff within a medical hospital, veterinary or dentist X-ray facility.

Our Products

We provide a range of X-ray products with both mobile and static x-ray screens, radiation shielding windows, radiation protective doors and medical furniture, which can be tailored to match. To get more in-depth information on the benefits of our radiation protection products and their specifications take a look at each section to find out more.

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