Why is health and safety training important?

health and safety training

ISA Support offers business training in health and safety across the UK and Europe. For 10 years, they have supported businesses in safety awareness. Our award winning work means we provide the best training available. In doing so, we meet legal safety laws, but also provide additional cover to businesses. This is achieved through ISA Support courses including manual handling and fire safety. The aim is to make all businesses safe in a hazard free workplace.

But why is this important? Over 200 people a year are killed in workplace accidents. Over one million people are injured. Two million people suffer from illnesses caused by work conditions. This should be a key priority for all people at work. To avoid such accidents, investing in good business training is key. Responsible employers take an interest in the health of their employees. Ensuring they have a positive health and safety awareness ensures greater working safety.

Business training is more than just classroom training and certificates. Rather, employees push for ‘continuous professional development’. This includes job training and on site work. Due to this, em- ployees often push beyond their capabilities. There is a pressure to be successful at any cost. As
a result, accidents and injuries occur. Being aware of the dangers means they can be prevented. Monitoring employee development enables workers to gain more knowledge. It also means they are kept safe by the employer. The best way to protect employees is through business training in health and safety. ISA Support can do exactly that.

ISA Support offers the following health and safety training courses:

  • ·  Spill control
  • ·  BS OHSAS 18001 Awareness
  • ·  Manual Handling
  • ·  Risk Assessment Training
  • ·  COSHH Awareness
  • ·  Fire Safety Awareness
  • ·  Asbestos Support

    For more information on health and safety training from ISA Support, please visit their website. 

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