What are the uses of Industrial Sewing?


There are an array of different situations where industrial sewing services are required. If you’re looking for an expert bespoke sewing service then IC International are available to manufacture products, to customers’ individual requirements.

Over 25 years of sewing services and manufacturing experience combine to guarantee the high quality and efficiency of this excellent specialist sewing service to create tailor-made, bespoke products.


What are industrial sewing machines?

Industrial sewing machines differ from traditional sewing machines in many ways…

An industrial sewing machine is specifically built for the long term, professional sewing tasks and is constructed with superior durability, parts and motors. Whereas traditional sewing machines might include nylon or plastic gears, an industrial sewing machine’s gears, connecting rods, housings and body are constructed from high-quality metals, such as cast iron or aluminium.

Industrial sewing machines have been in active use for manufacturing clothing, bags, shoes, car seats and sofas, etc. As a consequence of pursuing quality and performance, a single model has a single function in most of the models of industrial sewing machines.


What sewing services do we provide?

Here at IC International, we provide an expert bespoke sewing service, where we manufacture products, to customers’ individual requirements, is provided.

Our particular speciality is the sewing and stitching of high-temperature fabrics and industrial textiles.

Raw materials are usually provided on a free-issue basis by the customer. Alternatively, if it is a material that we already hold in our standard stock, this can be provided and incorporated into the costings accordingly.


IC International are Quality assured and supported by over 25 years of experience. Our excellent sewing and manufacturing services provide a wide range of industrial products. We are also certified (and independently audited) to the globally recognised international quality management standard ISO 9001.

So visit our website https://www.ic-international.com/ or get in touch today: sales@ic-international.com

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