High quality Fencing Finishes

fencing finishes

Fencing needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. As such the finish applied to your fencing needs to be befitting to the specific application.

The Fencing Superstore supply high quality fencing all of their products are supplied with a galvanised finish as standard with an optional matt powder coating. Fencing is available in a variety of RAL colours.

To offer customers the best possible finish The Fencing Superstore use a minimum* of 16 separate processes, which start upon completion of the manufactured product in bare metal.

Each item undergoes the first stage of the finish within the galvanizing process which is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461:2009. This is then followed by their own in house inspection where they manually remove any sharps that may have occurred during the process. Once this part of the finishing treatment has been completed the product then undergoes the powder coating process which is carried out in accordance with BS EN 13438:2013.

The polyester powders used by The Fencing Superstore are approved by the British Board of Agreement (B.B.A) and tested in accordance with BS 3900 Parts C5, E2, E3 and E6 and F2 and F4. All polyester powders are T.G.I.C and Lead free to comply with BS EN 71 specification.

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