A guide to Steel Fencing

palisade fencing

There is a wide range of applications where steel fencing has become a popular solution. Steel fence panels can provide perimeter security to residential and commercial spaces whilst also offering a low maintenance option. The versatility of metal allows for a huge selection of styles to suit the specific application along with the security of its inherent strength.

Security Fencing

Intruders of any kind can be disturbing which is why security fencing is such an important investment for many businesses and individuals. Ranging from casual by-passers taking a shortcut through your property, to would-be vandals and thieves who would in some cases inflict personal injury and damage. Steelway Fensecure have experienced surveyors who will help you to consider your expectations of the security fencing. Questions to ask include ‘What level of security is important to you?’ and ‘Is the visual impact of the new fence important?’.

Choosing a security fence, which is manufactured using strong mild steel, will give you a great solution. Steelway offer a galvanized options or powder coating to BS EN 13438:2013.

Playground Fencing

With an increase in the demand for housing we are increasing seeing the only green spaces near roads. Playground fencing can keep children using the playground safe. Not only do fences create a clear boundary of play but they can also create a safe space free from animals and the risk of young children running into the path of vehicles.

With children playing around the fencing it is important to ensure that it is manufactured to be free from entrapment to BS 1722 Part 9. Steelway Fensecure have been providing playground fencing for over 25 years and understand the importance of this type of fencing.

School Fencing

Like with playground fencing, School fencing is essential in creating a secure haven for both pupils and staff to move safely around the premises and grounds. Steelway Fensecure provide a wide range of fencing for schools. As well as security and playground boundaries they also have sports fencing and multi use games areas. All of Steelway school fencing is manufactured to the relevant British Standard.

Sports Fencing

It isn’t just schools that benefit from sports fencing. Leisure facilities, hotels and clubs can all utilise sports fencing. It allows you to keep control of sports games, keeping them in the designated area. Steelways sports fencing is manufactured using mild steel posts and rails and is made from recyclable steel and locally sourced.

To find out more about Steelway’s fencing options please visit their website.




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