A Guide to Making Money from Welding

Welding is an acquired skill, not something that everyone can do. Identifying work done by an experienced welder versus an inexperienced welder is very easy and is what will determine how much money you make from a project.

Skilled welders are always in demand because this usually determines the quality of the finish. To a trained eye, it’s very obvious if I welder is skilled or not, looking out for some of these things will help you avoid a bad welder:

• Cracks
• Burnouts
• Spatter around the area
• Lack of uniformity

Welders are undoubtedly one of, if not the most paid tradesmen. Interestingly, a degree is not required to become a welder, all you need is on-the-job technical training and then you’re good to go.

Optionally, you can have a welding certificate – some companies will require this.

How to make Money with Welding

This type of trade is very skill-based, meaning the more skilled you are then the more opportunities you will acquire. The best way to learn how to become a skilled worker is through being an apprentice. Once learning the basic skills, you will then need to decide whether to work for yourself or under a company.

Working under a Company

If you decide to work under a company, you will need to choose your most preferred industry to work for.
The manufacturing industry are always in need of welders. Many metallic parts often require weld joints. Along with this, electronic manufacturing also requires MIG welding most of the time.

The automotive industry needs welders to join parts of vehicles. While today, simple welds can be done by robots, complex weld projects still require skilled welders.

The construction industry also requires welds of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With the growth of the construction industry, this also shows a rise in demand for welders.

Working for Yourself

Alternatively, working for yourself is the second option for welders. Although meaning more hassle for yourself, having your own clients brings you plenty of opportunity to make money. Having the freedom to work on projects which you are most interested in also means you can make your own choices and decisions.

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