How downsizing your Air Compressor can save you energy and money?

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Advances in compressor technology and performance now make it possible to specify machines with lower kW ratings to replace oversized, older equipment, often installed on a ‘one size fits all basis’.

Throughout industry, compressed air is so widely used. It is often regarded as the ‘fourth utility’ accounting for an average of 12% of facilities energy consumption across Europe. The performance and costs of an ageing compressed air supply cannot keep up with contemporary and precise process needs.

A substantial amount of businesses that use compressed air systems could save both energy and money by downsizing as well as upgrading, and here’s how:


Typically, initial purchase cost of a compressed air system is 10%-20% of its 5 year operating cost with service cost in the same range. The effect is that electricity can account for 60% – 80% of the overall lifetime cost. As such, the demand to reduce carbon emissions has been the focus of HPC compressed air systems. Energy efficiency being number one on the beneficial features list. HPC compressors feature ‘premium efficiency’ IE3 or ‘super premium efficiency’ IE4 motors. They meet or exceed strict efficiency criteria, drastically reducing both overall cost of ownership and carbon emissions.

  • Reduced Cost Of Overall Ownership
  • Premium Efficiency IE3 Motor
  • Super Premium Efficiency IE4 Motor
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions

Control Technology

HPC Compressors feature integrated SIGMA controllers allowing Telford Compressed Air Services Ltd. to monitor, network and manage your compressed air system. HPC’s SIGMA Air Manager (SAM) provides localised control for multi-compressor systems. The SIGMA Air Manager provides detailed performance and efficiency analysis reports. This is as well as monitoring compressed air demand and selecting the most efficient way to deliver the air requirement. The SAM Controller is also key technology for Industry 4.0.

Capabilities include:

  • RF ID Security
  • Internet/Intranet Accessibility
  • Flexible Timer Setting
  • Text Message Alerts
  • Localised, Multi-Compressor Monitoring & Contro
  • Energy & Cost Analysis
  • Efficiency Optimisation

How we can help

At TCAS, we believe that reliability is essential when choosing compressed air equipment. All of our HPC compressors come with the option of a 5-year, no quibble warranty plan.
If you would like to downsize your air compressor as we as upgrading, we can help, visit our website, or contact us today.

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