Disabled Steps from a Motability accredited supplier

Recognised as a Motability accredited supplier, AVS Steps provide you with safe, solid and reliable disabled steps best suited to your vehicle.

Knowing which step you require can be a difficult decision, but with years of experience and knowledge they are ready to provide you with help and support that you may need. If you are registered as disabled, carer to an aged relative, or you just want to improve the access to your vehicle, AVS Steps have a wide range of disabled steps to fit all car types, including minibuses, 4x4s and MPV’s.  They also supply the world’s slimmest step! Measuring with a cassette thickness of a mere 46mm, these ultra-thin steps are best suited for everyday car types where the space is at a minimum. Designed with moulded corners, slim lines and an efficient tread design, the SL Series is the most stylist and efficient step on the market. Both manually operated steps, which are regulated by foot, or an electronic version that comes in a range of step treads, added protection by slip resistant and widths are available.

AVS Disabled Steps

AVS’ Disabled Steps

Precautionary safety options include:

  • Operations are fully automatic
  • Edge front illumination
  • Responsive contact strip detection

Unlike other products on the market AVS’ disabled Steps offer an individual step that is unaffected by different environmental circumstances such as dirt and mud. Once you have selected your ideal step at AVS. They offer a warranty and a convenient fitting service anywhere in the UK mainland. If you’re interested in any of their steps or simply want to ask a question, please contact AVS Steps by on link that follows.


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