Curv-o-mark centering heads from PCES

centering heads

The Centring head is an essential piece of equipment for pipe fitters, fence builders, automotive mechanics and anyone who deals with piping or alignment jobs on a day-to-day basis.

The tool is shaped like the letter Y and is designed to aid the user in finding the centre point of any cylindrical object; this will work on either the inside or outside of pipework. The Y shape allows the tool to be place over the pipe or other circular material, with the object slotted into the grove of the Y. Once in this position you will be able to workout the center point.

Running through the middle of the tool is a hardened centre punch; this can taped at the top with a hammer to create a mark on the centre point of the object. This will give you an accurate point to work from.

This invaluable tool is stocked on the PCES website and is available in 2 sizes. The Curv –o-mark Standard, which will work on any pipe diameter bigger than ½ inch and has a 4-inch Y type head. The other option available is the Curv-o-mark Jumbo as the name suggests this is the larger of the two and will work on any pipe larger than 1 inch in diameter. This also has a head a Y type head with a 8 inch space.

For more information on Curv-O-Mark centering heads or to place an order visit the PCES website.  

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