What are the Benefits of Self Storage?

Self storage is the storage solution that enables you to move your belongings into a secure unit. This could be the ideal solution if you are moving house, desperate for more office space or just need an extra space to store your collectibles!


One of the main benefits of using self storage is that it offers enhanced security over storing items in your house. Examples of the features offer at a self store unit include 24 hour CCTV systems, private access, exterior lighting and patrolling security guards.

These features combined create a storage space that would be very difficult to penetrate for criminals which is enough to give anyone peace of mind when locking up. So, for valuables we recommend you store these in a specialised unit – rather than a garage or shed.

Different Sized Units

Self storage centres are designed to have multiple different sized units. This means that they will always have space to store what you need for either the short or the long term. These sizes that are typically available to rent range from small cupboards sized units to garage sized units.

These storage facilities have specially trained staff that can help you calculate the size of unit you require. This is important to gauge correctly because the prices increase with the size of the unit. There may also be some price flexibility if you are planning to store long term which is something sales staff will be able to discuss.

Reducing Clutter

Self storage facilities can be a very good way of decluttering and making you feel more comfortable and happy in your work space. Creating more space in home or offices which could be used for more important items. Furthermore, most self storage facilities allow you to visit at any hour a day to retrieve any items, should you need to.

Once you have rented a unit, items such as furniture, clothes and other appliances can be stored in a self storage unit. These items can be stored here safely until you decide what to do with them, so you can enjoy the new decluttered area.

Situations When Self Storage is Useful

Storage units are a useful solution in a variety of situations, examples include:
● When you are moving house.
● When you are creating more office space.
● Storing your sports equipment.
● Storing items for the winter.

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