X-Ray Warning Light uses the latest innovation of LED flat panel lights

Hygiene is essential in medical surroundings and thus every X-Ray warning light specification must take this into account. Elements to consider include ease of cleaning and recesses, which could collect germs.

X-Ray Warning Light

Our X-Ray Warning Light

Raybloc, a radiation protection products supplier, have produced a solution to one issue they had come across. After discussions with their clients they found that the current x-ray warning lights were not fit for purpose.

In response they created a new X-ray Warning Light design. The light uses the latest innovation of LED flat panel light dispersing technology to create the ultimate X-ray exposure door warning light. For the first time ever, using flat panel LED technology, they are able to flush mount warning lights directly into their X-ray doors. Totally flushed into the surface of the door, and sealed for life. This means they are hygienic and easily wipe clean due to the flush fitting to the surface of the door. They comply perfectly with infection control requirements.

Not only are they hygienic they also negate the need for two boxes either side of the door entry and avoid room confusion. The fact that they are not mounted above the door but instead at eye level as recommended by all RPA’s.

The x-ray warning lights are totally maintenance free, the result is no more blowing bulbs. Using only the highest standards of components, these light units are “built to last” and each light comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Raybloc’s warning lights are CE marked, RPA approved and meet all UK and European lighting legislations.

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