Consider Worcester Bosch for your next heating system

worcester bosch

Worcester Bosch are the country’s leading manufacturer of domestic boilers, supplying gas and oil boilers, hot water cylinders and renewable technologies such as heat pumps and solar water heating systems. Making the decision to upgrade or change your system is a big one and can be confusing when you are faced with all the options. There are several different types of systems, and finding the one that effectively suits your home and lifestyle can be something that you need a little help with when exploring the options.

Centra-Heat are a local company in the Staffordshire and Shropshire area that are Worcester Accredited, and can talk you through the different systems, helping you make the right choice for you. A new heating system will always vastly improve efficiency but it can be a sizeable investment, so it is important to choose wisely, considering the lifetime cost of the boiler as well as the initial outlay.

If you are looking to upgrade your heating system, look no further than Centra-Heat, who are a well-established company that have been operating throughout the Midlands since 1959. Their engineers are experienced in boiler servicing and repairs, installations of many makes of boilers, including Worcester Bosch.

For more information about the products Centra-Heat offer, including Worcester Bosch, check out their website

worcester bosch

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