Why Wooden Toys are the Future

If you’re a parent you tend to find that most toys are poor quality and easily breakable. A great solution is switching plastic toys for wooden. The natural textures of children’s wooden toys stimulate children’s senses, inviting them to touch, feel and explore.

Safer Play for your Baby

Babies and toddlers are given plastic toys from a young age to chew on to help soothe and ease their gums. What most parents don’t realise is that many plastic teethers and toys contain chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PVC that children chew on and ingest while playing with the toy. The harmful toxins and chemicals in these toys could be extremely dangerous for your child’s health.

Natural Alternatives

To prevent any harmful chemicals entering your child’s body it’s a great idea to substitute to wooden toys. Children’s wooden toys are the natural alternative to plastics and get rid of any unwanted chemicals which may be linked with plastic toys. Preventing pollution in your home, whilst securely knowing toys are safe for your babies’ gums, is why children’s wooden toys are becoming increasingly popular. Purchasing children’s wooden toys from safe sources ensures that the items are safe for your little one to chew on!

Long-lasting Toys

Plastic toys tend to break easily which causes serious safety hazards for your toddler. Small pieces or sharp edges lying around can easily turn into an accident. Wooden toys hold an incredibly long-life span which makes them great items to be passed down the family. The durability of wooden toys also means they are a lot harder wearing in comparison to plastic toys. Although the initial cost of wooden toys may be more, it’s a guarantee that they will last a lot longer.


Making sure your child is developing in line with others is a worry for all parents, and ensuring your child is having a balance of play and learning time can be hard to manage. The solution for this is combining the two! Developing toys which provide both fun and skill allows you to sit back and enjoy watching your child get on with creative play. Toys which do these things include:

  • Children’s Wooden Toy Till – this item promotes the development of counting whilst giving your child experience with holding money.
  • Play Kitchens – Enables your child to watch and learn simple cooking techniques such as washing veg and mixing up ingredients.
  • Multi-Activity Cube – whilst keeping your child busy for hours, this toy requires your child to use its logical skill to solve problems.

Avoiding plastic toys is a great way you can help ensure your child is safe, not only through keeping them away from these products, but also by helping prevent climate change for their future.

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