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Welding is a process that without the proper safety protection can pose huge risks from things such as electric shocks, fumes/gases and bright light. Steel has a melting point of around 2800 degrees so the heat required to fuse the two sections together must be even higher to create a consistence and uniformed join. This heat can cause serious injury to exposed skin, and the right protection is essential.

When welding the one of the most vulnerable parts of the body is the hands, these are often the closest to the process and will feel the full brunt of the heat. This is why finding the right welding gauntlets must be a top priority.

WIRS have a huge range of gloves available in a range of sizes from small to large. The welding gauntlets feature a Kevlar thermal lining for maximum protection enabling you to focus on the job in hand. Along side these there is also a range of leather gloves, drivers gloves and rigger gloves available for bulk orders and small orders.

Selecting the right welding gauntlets isn’t always a simple task and they are often a very person- ally choice. WIRS have years of experience in welding and distributing welding goods they are more than happy to help advise on the most suitable option for you. With 3 stores located across the west midlands a specialist is never to far away to help you out.

For further information about WIRS or the products they offer visit their website.

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