Why you should Train your Staff

Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. The reality however is that organising, monitoring and presenting training to staff can be a daunting task. The financial and time implications on businesses often mean that training and development are pushed to one side. There are however many reasons why training your staff is important and many benefits associated with doing so.

Benefits include:

Physical safety
Probably the most important factor to consider in work place training is the safety. Ensuring employees are taught to work in a manner that will not cause injury to themselves or others. Health and Safety training can ensure workers wear the correct equipment for the job at hand. Training on appropriate PPE, working practices and machinery safety will all be essential to keeping a safe workplace.

Improved performance
Employees who have access to training in order to help them do their job roles are unquestionably going to deliver a better performance than those who do not. Having training for even the most basic of tasks and other factors such as safety procedures can ensure that tasks at work are completed more thoroughly with less risk of anything going wrong. The confidence employees will feel as they feel better equipped to do their jobs will provide the extra push that many employees need in order to perform to the best of their abilities.

Address employee weaknesses
Even the best of employees have some weaknesses when it comes to their workplace skills. An ongoing workplace training program allows you to find and address any weaknesses. This will help your employees to be better skilled at every factor of their job. Depending upon what employees are tasked with doing on a daily basis, you should also consider specialized training. Many specialized training sessions can be done on-site, making them a no-brainer for future productivity.

Employee satisfaction
Satisfied employees tend to work harder, be more comfortable doing their jobs, and are less likely to leave the company. Training has been proven as a factor which contributes greatly to levels of employee satisfaction. As employees with access to regular training and development opportunities tend to feel that they are working towards something, as well as opportunities to further their skills, knowledge and even their career.

Sir Richard Branson once said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to”

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