Welding Gloves and Gauntlets

Welding gloves are a personal piece of protective equipment, that protect the hands of welders from the hazards involved when welding. These gloves allow digit articulation while protecting the operator from many risks. Risks during a weld could be an electrical shock, extreme heats, ultraviolet and infrared radiation and abrasion.

Welding gloves are worn over the hand with individual sheaths for the fingers and thumb. They are made from durable, electrically nonconductive materials that dissipate heat rather well. Additional materials will be incorporated to add more protection. The most common material for welding gloves is leather. Hides of cow, deer, elk and goat all offer different levels of comfort and durability. Welding gloves are commonly categorised into three levels of comfort:

• TIG Welding Gloves
These are typically made of goat, cow or pig hides and are designed to provide finger sensitivity with adequate protection.

• MIG Welding Gloves
MIG welding gloves are meant to provide the maximum protection. These gloves are usually made from pig, cow or deer hides.

• Stick Welding Gloves
These gloves tend to be the most robust and therefore are made from cow or elk hides.

Overtime, gloves may dry out from heat exposure. The most common point of glove failure is usually along the hand’s trapezium bone, where welders grasp and apply pressure to a welding gun. To combat the high rate of failure, gloves are designed with additional leather added onto the index finger and thumb – this additional leather will increase the life span of the gloves dramatically. For a daily welder, gloves tend to last between 1-8 weeks.

What is a Welding Gauntlet?
A welding gauntlet is very similar to a welding glove but instead of just protecting the hand, they also protect the forearm. This added protection for the arm means more safety for the welder, protecting against any burns or abrasion. Welding gauntlets can be found in the exact materials as a glove can be with the same additions, such as the added leather on the index finger.

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