Welding Curtains

During a weld, it can be very dangerous if safety measures are not observed. While there are many products that can be used for safety purposes within a welding area, one of the most successful is welding curtains. Here are some of the advantages of using a welding curtain within a welding area.


Creating a well-defined welding area is the first step to ensure the safety of the operator and employees. Although the welder will be full equipped in PPE, those outside of the weld area are more prone to injury. One of the biggest risks is the bright light emitted by the weld, this can cause severe damage to vision.

Welding Curtains protect those nearby from spatter, radiation, and harmful rays. Exposure to Blue Light and Ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the eyes. All welding curtains come with strong synthetic eyelets in the top seam. This allows secure hanging, to ensure the welding curtain stays in place. Also included is a full set of steel suspension rings. There are snap fasteners down both sides of the welding curtains. This allows the welding curtains to be fastened together.

Noise reduction

Welding can create a significant amount of nose pollution which is why welders wear ear protection, however this may not be available to people outside of the weld area.

Welding curtains act as a barrier between the weld area and outside, minimising the risk of ear damage and overall disruption to employees working around the area.

Air flow

Harmful fumes and chemicals are often produced during a weld. If a weld takes place in a small room with no ventilation, the fumes may overwhelm the welders – even if they are wearing a mask.

Welding curtains allow the fumes to flow through as they do not keep the environment rigid and enclosed, this is one of the benefits to using welding curtains over other solutions.

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