Welder Training Courses – The basics of Welding

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The need for welding is everywhere. From welding on spacecrafts to diving underwater to repair a steel ship, there is always a constant demand for welders. But how do you become a welder?

Here’s our tips on how you can become a welder and what things you may come up against.


Just like any industry, safety is something which must be made clear from day dot. For beginners, especially in the welding industry, understanding the dangers of the machinery in the workplace is essential.

Identifying all the possible risks and hazards and making any new staff aware of this is incredibly important.

Understanding the Process

Understanding how the simplest processes work ensures that there are no complications further on through training. Basic welding is more than just melting to metals together, it’s about using the right machines and methods. The most basic form of welding is Arc. With this, there are many types of methods which can be used. With Arc welding, the most common methods are Metal Inert gas (MIG), Stick and Tungsten Insert Gas (TIG).

MIG Welding

MIG welding is thought to be the simplest type of welding. MIG works by using a wired welding electrode on a spool. This wire is then fed through an automatic machine at a constant speed. As this happens, the arc melts the wire and joins it together at the base.

Because this method requires gas, it requires an environment that is usually indoors and far away from any fans/wind that may blow the gas away.

Stick Welding

Stick welding is much more versatile and forgiving. It involves using a fixed length electrode in joining metals which is fed through manually. This is usually where most DIY welders would start off with when learning how to weld.

TIG Welding

TIG welding is much more complicated than MIG and requires a large welding rod to be fed into a weld puddle – manually. TIG welding also requires a protective gas to protect the puddle. This type of welding is usually used for thinner gauged metals.

At Telford Group, they offer welder training which starts at basic start up and goes right through to advance level. With the suitable facilities and welding equipment, this is a great place to learn how to weld. Find out more about welder training here

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