Two decades keeping children safe

pulsa-school-crossing-signOur children’s safety is always paramount and this is especially the case around schools. For over two decades the Pulsa School Crossing Signal has been reliably aiding children to cross roads. This signal from Simmonsigns is highly visible to drivers both from a distance and close to.

Over its lifespan the range has constantly evolved and now utilizes the latest GPRS technology enabling the unit to be programmed and interrogated remotely via a dedicated web site.

The school crossing signal includes auto dimming LEDs which prevents glare at night and in the depths of winter. These long life LEDs also offer low running costs. The sign is IP56 rated and has minimal maintenance giving low cost of ownership.

You will have a choice of operating systems:

• 2 year programmable calendar, SMART Pulsa via a handset, GPRS via the internet and text message. Cost effective as minimal site visits are required to monitor multiple sites.

• GPRS Pulsa option – Programmed to report back status updates/ operational functionality at regular set intervals

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