Top-of-the-line disabled steps

disabled steps

Mobility is often taken for granted but it something that gives us great independence and is one of the most important aspects of ones life. This doesn’t change for those with disabilities however certain conditions can hinder mobility. Any piece of equipment that can help improve the day to day activities and normalise life are invaluable.

One important piece of equipment is vehicles steps. Being able to move in and out of a car or vehicle with easy opens up the world to those that may have struggled previously. This in the grand scheme of things this is a small change but has huge rewards and returns some independence to the individual.

Because the step has such an important role to fulfil its essential that it is robust and reliable, as failure will cause a big impact on the users life. For this reason choosing the right manufacturer is key. At AVS steps are never an afterthought as motability accredited supplier their steps are of the upmost quality, are safe, solid, reliable, easy to use and maintain.

Choosing the right step can be a difficult decision, this is something AVS steps appreciate and are able to over help and provide advice. With the vast range of cars on the market they understand finding a step can be overwhelming. AVS Steps manufacture a step to fit almost any vehicle, whether this is a car, 4×4, minibus and everything in-between.

One of the most popular choices from AVS’s range for disabled steps is SL series. This is the worlds slimmest step at a thickness of just 46mm. It features moulded corners and a neat tread design making it the most attractive model from the range. Available as manual or automatic in a variety of widths and surfaces including slip resistant. The SL also has an added options list packed full of useful features such as an illuminating front edge.

Alongside great products AVS also offer onsite fitting and a warranty service.

For further information on the SL series or other disabled steps from AVS steps visit their website.

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