Warm to Touch handrail partnered with stainless steel balustrade

SG System Products would like to remind specifiers out there of an exciting development within the handrail and balustrade market.stainless steel balustrade

They have chosen to combine the Sentinel stainless steel balustrade system the Stargard original “warm to the touch” handrail after the result found a system which is perfectly at home in schools, hospitals and various other public buildings. The design is finding particular success with specifiers, not only for its appearance and durability but also for its very low maintenance and cost effectiveness.

The Stargard warm to the touch handrail is fully DDA compliant. It consists of a wide tube of galvanised steel which is then PVC coated 4mm thick for unbeatable results even at low ambient temperatures. This DDA Handrail ideal for applications with access ramps to buildings or for balustrades in schools, offices and public buildings as it was found at be on average at least 4˚C warmer than powder coated steel.

Our Sentinel stainless steel balustrade system comes with a range of handrail and infill panel options, making it the perfect choice to combine with the Stargard. This elegant component based system has a long variety of contemporary infill solutions too. This means that as well as matching the perfect choice handrail you can pick the design that best suits your businesses individual requirements. Surface finishes for the Sentinel includes bright or satin polished and it is suitable for many applications depending on the handrail needed.

Stargard handrail of either 44mm or 50mm diameter in a range of colours is available, on to 48 diameter stainless steel balusters (posts) with a range of infill panels, including a lower handrail if required. This is one of the advantages of the design interchangeability of our products and the experience of our staff.

For more information on the combination of the stainless steel balustrade and PVC handrail visit the SG website.

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