Upgrade your heating system with a smart thermostat

smart thermostat

Having the power to control your heating from your smartphone is something that is becoming more popular across the UK, with companies such as Honeywell giving you the opportunity to have it installed no matter what your current system is.

There are many benefits to having a thermostat controlled by an app on your smartphone, including the option to start and turn off your heating if plans change. Honeywell’s Smartphone Thermostat gives you the option to alter the temperature of your heating and the time it comes on at the click of a button on their custom built app.

The thermostat itself is a subtle addition to your home, and a simple way of adjusting the heating to suit. You can control your heating system with a seven day scheduling system, split into six time periods a day, giving you complete flexibility for the different days of the week.

Centra-Heat are an established central heating company based in Staffordshire, who offer the installation of the Honeywell system for a one-off cost, meaning that you can rest easy once it is installed, knowing there are no ongoing costs. Honeywell’s smart thermostat can work with any heating system from any manufacturer, making it a the perfect addition to your home.

For more information about the Honeywell system, check out Centra-Heats website. 

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