Robust and durable Traffic Bollards

traffic bollards

Traffic bollards are a part of road architecture that we often take for granted. They control or direct traffic and well designed illuminated bollards can ensure our safety on the roads at night.

Choosing the right traffic bollards supplier is crucial in ensuring you receive a quality product which are durable and will have a long service life. Robust graphics are also essential if the purpose of the bollard is to instruct road users of direction.

Simmonsigns specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of traffic solutions. From their independently tested passively safe Weebol Flex which meets the requirements of BS EN 12767:2007 100:NE4, to the Weebol and the hybrid Weebol Plus, there retro-reflective, reboundable bollards are designed to last.

traffic bollards

Simmonsign’s collection of traffic bollards.

Manufactured using a bespoke polymer material, the process is fine tuned to provide a one piece body with flexibility at the hinge point and increased rigidity behind the reflective panel.

This controls where the bollard folds preserving the panel and reducing damage. A deeply rebated panel feature adds further protection making sure the bollard body is the first impact point and not the panel.

To find out more about Simmonsigns traffic bollards visit their website or call 01952 293333.

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