How LED lighting can create the right mood

LED Lighting

It is important when specifying LED lighting for a project that you remember that not only is lighting a necessity the hardness or softness of light effects mood dramatically.

The more diffused the light is, the softer and smoother it will look. Skilful application of lighting can affect the experience of the viewer in the architectural environment. Light is an element of design which should be used not only for visual comfort, but also to achieve emotional responses from the lit environment. This is particularly prevalent in restaurant, hotel or leisure environments.LED Lighting

There are various types of lighting within a environment. Usually a space will have a central light source such as a ceiling fixture which will provide the overall illumination for the room. Task lighting can then be added to a space to illuminate workspaces, the balance between light sources – instead of shifting eyes from bright to dark areas – will help prevent headaches and eyestrain. Accent lighting is excellent for highlighting focal points. To effectively accent, you need to provide three times the level of general lighting. Too much accent lighting will destroy the effect and wash out the room. Choosing lighting will depend on the type of mood you wish to set.

Choosing lighting will depend on the type of mood you wish to set. In a spa subtle diffused lighting with give a sense of relaxation, whereas a lobby in a hotel should have more direct bright lighting to set a sense of alertness from staff. Whatever your lighting needs choosing a sustainable, energy efficient option is key. Link by Lighting have a range of LED solutions which will significantly reduce your carbon footprint as well as making savings right from the date of installation. The lifespan of LED lights can be up to 50,000 hours and they consume up to 70% less power than standard lighting.

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