Requirements of car park fencing

car park

There are a variety of requirements for car park fencing. Having a fence gives a definitive perimeter around the parking facilities that offers an additional level of security. With car park fencing you are able to provide protection for vehicles, and have full control over your car parking site. Here are just some of the applications which steel fencing can facilitate in a parking lot.

Control of Vehicle Access

If the purpose of your car park fencing is just to control vehicle access and give a distinctive border then Flat Top or Bow Top fencing may be all you need.  Railings can offer parking and traffic control barriers, offering security and convenience.

Give a Secure Boundary

Car park fencing is a good way of ensuring a car park does not become a walkway for pedestrians. With a secure steel fence you can keep pedestrians safe or create a barrier to keep traffic contained to the road. Metal railings are exceptionally strong but at the same time allows good visibility for drivers of motor vehicles making them the perfect solution for car parks.

Lockable Gates

To go with our fencing, we have a variety of gates available, including lockable gates. These are perfect for when you only want to allow access at certain times of the day.



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