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Did you know about radiation, where it is present and how to protect yourself?

Radiation is energy given off by matter in the form of rays or high-speed particles. There are many familiar forms of radiation, for example light, heat, microwaves, radio and television every day. Doctors use x-rays to see inside our body and in medicine, radioactive materials are used for diagnostics and therapeutic purposes.

Radiation protection is the science and practice of protecting people and the environment from the harmful effect of ionizing radiation. For the same reason we need to be careful around an open flame or a knife, we need to be aware of radiation. Used and store properly, a knife an prepare and allow you to consume food, however if it is misused, it can cause injury and in extreme cases, death. Similarly when handled correctly, radioactive materials have many beneficial uses, however if misused it can pose significant danger. Ionization can cause damage to cells, which can eventually lead to life threatening illnesses like cancer.

It is vital that radiation protection is enforced in environments where people are at risk. At Raybloc our radiation protection products are purpose built by our own craftsmen with over 30 years experience of X-ray and radiation shielding. All of our products are designed to meet RPA (Radiation Protection Advisers) requirements giving you the piece of mind that your safety is guaranteed. We offer specially designed radiation windows and leaded glass for use in hospitals or surgeries, veterinary practices and dental practices.

Leaded radiation glass giving a clear view while providing radiation protection

Leaded radiation glass giving a clear view while providing radiation protection

We offer a range of X-ray protective windows, glass and doors in various sized glazed units from small door vision panels to large control room viewing windows. Our X-ray protective door is pre-hung and assembled in our workshops to insure easy fitting on site saving our customers money on labour on site.

Best of all Raybloc offer a fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in the UK, Europe or world wide.

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