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Radiation protection products

When specifying radiation protection products you’ll will need to consult a suitable RPA for advice on complying with Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999. IRR99 specifies particular matters on which radiation employers should seek advice from a suitable RPA.

Raybloc have various contacts for RPA’s across the UK who can help you with your latest development or give you some expert advice on how to better protect yourself from dangerous radiation.

Raybloc have many years experience in producing radiation protection products and this has led us to an ongoing advantageous relationship with many RPAs whom advise us and our customers regularly.

You must be sure the RPA selected meets the required competence set out in HSE’s statement on radiation protection advisers and has the relevant experience to make them suitable to provide the advice needed.

If an individual wishes to act as a Radiation Protection Advisor they must either:Radiation protection products

  • Gain/Hold a certificate of competence from an organisation recognised by HSE as an Assessing Body for the certification of individual RPAs; or
  • Gain/Hold a National or Scottish Vocational Qualification (N/SVQ) level 4 in Radiation Protection Practice issued within the last five years.

Radiation is energy emitted from a source and can travel through various materials. Light, heat and sound are types of radiation. Ionizing radiation is produced by unstable atoms. Unstable atoms differ from stable atoms because they have an excess of energy or mass or both.

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