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pipeline welding supplies

pipeline welding suppliesPipeline Construction & Engineering Supplies also known as PCES were formed in 1983 over 30 years ago offering Pipe fabrication service to the industry. The founders of the company had a mission to provide outstanding customer services alongside great quality products. They aim to provide this to all customers whether they be big jobs are small.

PCES are located in the centre of the United Kingdom; this means they have great access to major road networks and Birmingham airport. This centralised location enables worldwide shipping and packing services to all customers.

At the core of PCES’s product range you will find all the equipment required for the welding of pipe and tubes. This includes all the tools necessary for handling and alignment of the pipework such as pipe bevelling machines, pipe bending machines, pipeline lifting and lowering-in belts, internal line-up, hydraulic and ratchet, external pipe welding alignment clamp from a range of high quality and well known brands such as Mathey Dearman, Sawyer Manufacturing, DMI, Solar Flux.

Outside of the core products supplied by PCES there are a huge range of other specialised equipment that can be sourced through the wide range of suppliers under PCES remit. This includes items from Photocopies to jogging machines to complete workshops.

On a daylily basis PCES work with a broad spectrum of industries from pipeline constructors and oil refiners to chemical plants and pumping stations. This gives them a great flexibility and an in-depth knowledge of customer needs.

For more information on PCES and their pipeline welding supplies, visit their website

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