Plans to make flexible working a day one right

The government has announced that UK workers could now get more choice when determining when and where they work under the new proposed right to request flexible working, a day one entitlement.

The government also plans to introduce a day one right to one week’s unpaid leave for carers balancing a job and caring responsibilities. These plans are predicted to make businesses more productive, whilst accommodating both employee and employer needs.

The new proposals have taken into consideration whether limiting an employee’s application for flexible working to one per year continues to represent the best balance for both individual and business needs.

The new plans will also research into removing the current three-month period that an employer has to consider any request.

If an employer is unable to accommodate a request they will need to think about any alternatives they could offer. This includes situations where amendments to employee’s hours on all working days, they would then consider making changes for selected days instead.

The consultation covers a range of flexible working methods such as job-sharing, staggered hours, and phased retirement. The new proposal will allow employees to have a better balance of their working and home life, as well as offering more support to those managing childcare commitments and other responsibilities.

The new proposals are also beneficial to British businesses. Research has demonstrated that companies who are embracing flexible working can attract more talent, improve their employees motivation and reduce staff turnover, and as a result boosts the productivity and competitiveness of the business.

Despite this, there still remain some circumstances in which businesses are unable to offer flexible working. Because of this the government has made it clear that they should still be able to decline a request.

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