Perforated Metal Sheet Panels

perforated metal sheet

Due to their continuous investment into state of the art machinery, Metalline remains at the forefront of the industry for manufacturing aluminium perforated panels and high-grade perforated metal sheet. They deliver the highest quality and outstanding service with every project we deliver.

A wide variety of their products for their building and architectural projects for over 25 years specified by clients. Able to create everything from simple designs to a more complex pattern, they have developed a variety of punching designs to meet ever-increasing demands from architects and designers looking for an iconic finish to the exterior façade of their building. Metalline’s production team work closely to adapt most design features to achieve designer’s requirements.

Being significantly easier to work with, aluminium is much more malleable, unlike stainless steel sheets. This allows complex shapes and positions to be worked into sheets with absolute precision. Ensuring your building looks clean and new for as long as possible, when used on the façade of a building, it is extremely resistant to the elements, unlike steel aluminium does not rust. By finishing our sheets with Anolok, we give our perforated metal sheet panels high class finishes. These are available in a range of colours containing Natural Silver, Bronzes from light to dark, Regency Gold 1 & 2, Black and specialist Anolok II Blue-Grey and Stone-Grey finishes. Perforated metal sheet panels are also available in polyester powder coating to most RAL and metallic colours, with Anolok giving a contemporary finish and incomparable corrosion endurance.

With their highly skilled workforce, top of the line machinery, expert finishing techniques, they can make architectural beauty out of a metal sheet.

For more information about perforated metal sheets from Metalline, please visit their website. 

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