What you need to know about replacement keys.

replacement keys

Once the initial shock of losing your keys has worn off, you might be a little confused as to what comes next. How do you get a new set? And how do I know which key to order?

Ironmongery & More is the only online retailer to offer authorised replacement keys. Below are some things you need to know about replacement keys and why you should come to us in your time of need… 


Find your key reference 

When ordering replacement Orbis keys you will need your key reference which can be found engraved on the key itself. If you have lost the key or do not have the reference, please contact sales@ironmongeryandmore.com and our team will assist you. 


How do I know which key i have? 

A master key will be stamped with GMK, MAS or MK below the reference code. A sub-master key will be stamped with either SUB, SM or SMK followed by a number. These details will sit beneath the reference code. 

Standard replacement keys will only show a reference number. 


Do I need a letter of authorisation to get a new key?

If you are ordering a master or sub-master key you will need a scanned copy of your letter of authorisation. You will have received this with your initial keys. 

Your letter of authorisation should include a company name and address for the owners of the master key system, name(s) of end-users and an authorised person’s name and signature. The letter should also include the key reference number and quantities needed.


How will I receive a copy of my key?

All keys ordered will be sent via Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery services.


What if my key is third party?

No need to worry, we supply third party keys from Union, Assa Abloy, Carlisle Brass, CES, DOM and Winkhaus. 

Ironmongery & More products are backed by extensive product warranties to provide you peace of mind. You can also be assured that products comply with all necessary technical standards where required.

If you wish to purchase replacement keys for any of the above listed brands you can do so by sending the details to sales@ironmongeryandmore.com.


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