Multi Use Games Areas

multi use games area

multi use games areaIt’s vitally important to provide children and teenagers the area to play sporting activities or other recreational activities. However with more schools and homes being built there is often less room to dedicate whole areas of grassland to a range of sports for each school. This however doesn’t remove the need for them. Modern playgrounds have come along from grass playing fi elds with coats and bags for goals.

Small spaces now must work very hard, supplying the same amount of activities and uses as a large space would. This has seen the birth of the Multi use games areas know as MUGA’s. These are designed to accommodate an array of different sports in a small-enclosed area. This is done by having a self-contained area (which helps keep the ball in play) with built in goals for football, hoops for netball and basketball, wicks for cricket and nets for tennis.

Alongside sporting activities MUGA can be used as recreational areas, places for children of all ages to congregate. With a varying range of designs seating and communal areas can be added increasing the versatility and making it a place for all children regardless of age and activity.

These compact spaces are perfect for schools, playing fi elds where space is limited, or the activities need to be contained to a smaller area. Each MUGA is built specifi cally to each individual case catering to specific customer requirements.

To find out more about multi use games areas and what they can do for your space visit the Fencing Superstore. 

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